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Karabinis Medical

REVIEWSNon-sterile blue nitrile gloves.Characteristics:Not sterilizedAmbidextrousExcellent durabilityExcellent touch feelNo powderWithout chemical catalysts (carbamates, thiurams & mercaptobenzothiazoles)No allergenic latex proteins & no added sulfurThey do not cause irritation to the skin -..
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Alfa Gauze sterile gauze is made of 100% excellent quality cotton for maximum safety and protection. They are hydrophilic, highly absorbent, odorless, without bleaching residues and with folded edges. The gauzes are sterilized with ETO.Sterile Cotton Gauze Pad for wound care and for use in surgery.I..
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Disposable face masks to protect patients and doctors with a soft lining inside that allows proper breathing.Characteristics:With a special rubber that does not irritate the skinMade of durable and odorless material95% filteringThey offer high protection..
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