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Anti-decubitus products

"FIBER RING" Sloping Bun 10-2-028 VITA.The eastern design helps to avoid the formation of skin ulcers, due to bed sores, after childbirth and from surgeries.Increases body weight and reduces strain on the coccyx.Made of "fiber" fibers with soft lining.Color: BlueDimensions: 43 (W) x 41 (W) x 10cm (H..
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Cylindrical Pillow "SEMI ROLL CUSHION" 08-2-008 VITA.Cylindrical multi-purpose aid such as:Neck support.Depression relief.Separator of Psira.Knee joint support.Hypoallergenic and air-conditioned zipper lining, washable.Color: BlueDimensions: 50 (W) x 20 (W) x 10cm (H)..
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Inflatable Bed Bathtub 10-2-001 VITA.Ideal help for bathing in bed.It has a safety valve.Special neck support design.It inflates easily in the mouth.The depth of the bath is 20cm.Water escapes through the pipe.Made of PVC...
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Sloping Coil with Veloute Lining 10-2-063 VITA.5mm PVC help. With "Veloute" investment.Air chamber With safety valve.Prevents the formation of skin ulcers due to bed sores.Applies pressure to the coccyx area.Improves blood circulation and relaxation of the Souls.Color: GrayHole diameter: 15cmTotal d..
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The air mattress is tubular and has extensions at both ends, so that it fits under the mattress.Removable air chambers that are easily replaced in case of wear.It has air release chambers, marked "Vent", in the waist area, to prevent the patient from sweating.It has a cover that is easy to remove an..
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Warranty: 2 year..
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Brand: Coloplast
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Brand: MobiakCare
GENERAL INFORMATIONSThe Anti-Decubitus Mattress with aircells (Ref. 0223005) is recommended for prevention and treatment of decubitus sores of stage 1. Easy to install and to use.The Air-cell mattress it can be fixed to the mattress with its flaps.The mattress is washable.The pump can be hung on the..
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Brand: MobiakCare
PRODUCT INFORMATIONWarranty: 1 yearDimensions: LxW: 60x55cm..
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Brand: MobiakCare
 Warranty: 1 year..
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Brand: MobiakCare
Bathroom basin 21 cm depthDouble reinforced for greater durability & comfort...
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Brand: MobiakCare
 Reduces the pressure exerted on the heel area     Lined with soft material inside     Self-adhesive closure with velcro for a stable fit     Machine washable...
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