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Neoprene leggings of excellent quality and durability. Self-adhesive at selection points. It has three Velcro fastening straps. Comfortable and easy to apply. Compresses tissues and soft tissues evenly.Ideal for sports activity. Height 28cm.Calf circumference up to 48cm. AmphidexiaSize: One sizeColo..
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Seat Cushion "VISCO GELL" 10-2-062 VITA.Great help for the spool and the seat.It consists of two parts.On the upper surface there is a gel which reduces the pressure exerted on the coccyx and hips.It also reduces the surface temperature by 1.5 C0 degrees, keeping it cool.The lower surface is made of..
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Aluminum Folding Walker 09-2-090 VITA.Lightweight gait aid made from anodized aluminum.Foldable anywhere for easy storage and transport.Oriental handles made of plastic material.Non-slip footrests.Adjustable in height.specificationsHEIGHT ADJUSTABLE:  from 75 to 93cmWIDTH: from 63 to 66cmDEPTH:..
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Bacteria-Crutches Aluminum Elbow Adjustable Closed 09-2-131 VITA.Made of light type aluminum. Ergonomic wrist support handle - arm with safety button.Non-slip plugs Inside metal ring.It is adjustable in two points.specificationsTOTAL HEIGHT:  from 91 to 122cmHANDLE HEIGHT UP TO THE ELBOW RING: ..
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DescriptionInstructions for cash registersMade of polyurethane foam material with cotton lining, antiperspirant, hypoallergenic and skin friendly. The polyurethane sections are flexible and distribute the pressure exerted on the lower jaw and neck.The foam parts are removed and washed. Innovative sy..
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Cervical Thoracic Adjustable Guardian Aspen Vista CTO4 (one size)Adjustable angle and height system in the chest for highly effective immobilization of the cervical and upper thoracic spine in combination with better adaptation and comfort of the patient.No metal parts, safe to use on CT and MRI.Ind..
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“AIR STIRRUP” Double Valve Ankle Splint 06-2-052 VITA.Made of versatile plastic material.Adjustable self-adhesive splint stabilization straps.Self-adhesive adjustable insole that makes the aid of common size.Two lateral anatomical air inlet and outlet air chambers with a small pump (in-out), dependi..
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Knee Separator Pillow 08-2-010 VITA.Helps to improve the posture of the spine.Reduces the pain of the Souls and tendons, which are strained during the day or night.Made of "Memory Foam", material for uniform and balanced support.The built-in adhesive binder stabilizes the pillow on the knees.Color: ..
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Kokkiga Pillow 08-2-013 VITA.Pillow made of shaped "Memory Foam" material.Its oriental design achieves the relief from the pressure exerted on the coccyx area and relieves pain.Ideal for all types of seats and wheelchairs.Color: BluePillow dimensions: 46 (W) x 41 (W) x 7.5 cm (H)..
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The pillow has a circular design and helps maintain the correct position of the neck.Absorbs vibrations during travel.Great help for reading, for home and car.Made of 100% shaped "Memory Foam" with "veloute" lining.Reduces pain due to "Cervical Syndrome".Color: BlueDimensions: 30 (W) x 35 (W) x 9cm ..
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Neoprene Ankle With Plates And Binding 06-2-074 VITA.Neoprene ankle, with four spiral panels.It has an self-adhesive octagonal bandage.It is open on the heel for easy and correct application.It is soft and comfortable.Causes gradual ligation stabilization.Amphidexia.COLOURBLUETYPEΑΜΦΙΔΕΞΙΑsize PGONE..
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