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Brand: Cami
The New Askir 30 is a portable, handy suction pump with a maximum suction speed of 30 l/min. The suction pump is equipped with a vacuum regulator and vacuum display. The device is supplied with a graduated, autoclavable 1 litre secretion holder and a bacteria filter.  Product detailsNew As..
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Knee Strap with Silicone 06-2-062 VITA.Sub-patellar strap with internal silicone pad, anatomically designed.Self-adhesive closure with velcro.Unloads and protects the patellar tendon.Αμφιδέξιο.TYPEΑΜΦΙΔΕΞΙΟSIZEONE SIZEINDICATIONSIdeal for reintegration into the sportConservative treatment of patella..
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The pillow has a circular design and helps maintain the correct position of the neck.Absorbs vibrations during travel.Great help for reading, for home and car.Made of 100% shaped "Memory Foam" with "veloute" lining.Reduces pain due to "Cervical Syndrome".Color: BlueDimensions: 30 (W) x 35 (W) x 9cm ..
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Neoprene Knee Bandage Open 06-2-187 VITA.Made of coated neoprene.Self-adhesive at selection points for gradual compression of soft tissues and tissues.It has a knee pad.It perfectly replaces all simple bandages.Amphidexia.TYPEΑΜΦΙΔΕΞΙΑSIZEONE SIZEINDICATIONSMild osteoarthritisIdeal for re-entry into..
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Sleeping Pillow Memory Foam Anatomical “HEALTH NECK” 08-2-012 VITA.Eastern sleeping pillow from "Molded" foam "Memory Foam", high density and durability.It is special because it adapts perfectly to the shape of the head.Perfectly supports the neck and ears.Reduces pain due to "Cervical Syndrome".Hel..
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Sleeping Pillow Memory Foam Anatomical “CONTOUR PILLOW” 08-2-016 VITA.East-facing for the correct position of the neck, whether you are lying on your side or lying down.Supports the ears, the spine and relieves pain due to "Cervical Syndrome".Reduces snoring, helps with proper breathing.Made of 100%..
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Suspension Strap Simple 03-2-003 VITA.Adjustable foam foam.Self-adhesive closure with velcro.Dimensions: 5 x 112cmAlso available in a package of 10 pieces.SIZEONE SIZEINDICATIONSUpper limb support in splintingConservative rehabilitation in simple shoulder, arm, elbow injuries..
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 Anatomic Pillow-Waist Support "DELUXE LUMBAR CUSHION" 08-2-005 VITA.Ideal travel and office assistance.Made of 100% "Memory Foam" compact and configured.The base of the back is made of "ABS" solid material.It perfectly supports the lumbar spine, helps in the correct position of the scalp and r..
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Anatomic Pillow-Waist Support “DURABLE LUMBAR CUSHION” 08-2-014 VITA.Eastern design for the perfect support of the humpback whale.Improves back pain and relieves mental pain.Ideal for car, office and home.Made of modulated, high density, "PU Foam", with a thin hypoallergenic coating that can be remo..
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Waist Pillow "FULL ROLL CUSHION" 08-2-018 VITA.Made of high density "PU Foam".The pillow is placed at selection points in the seat, thanks to the elastic strap it has.It is light and easy to apply.Supports Desi in the right position.Aligns the spine.Use at home, car and office.The lining is easily r..
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