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Order Cancellation and Return

Order Cancellation

You may cancel your order if you wish, without charge, provided that there has been no shipment of products from our store by emailing us at [email protected]  with your order number, your name and phone number.

Product Return

If our company in responsible for any errors, the return is accepted if you notify us within a period not exceeding 14 days from delivery date. The same 14 days after delivery applies for all other complaints concerning the order. We fully refund the amount that corresponds to the order value and postage.

If you do not show any error on the part of our company, we will refund only the amount corresponding to the value of products. Shipping costs borne solely the customer.

There are no refunds for Milk and baby food for safety and quality reasons.

In case that the product has a defect and is covered by a warranty, it is replaced in consultation with the product company.

Product returns are accepted upon request and only if the products are unused and in their original condition.

In case the product has been used or their original packaging is damaged, we will not accept the return.

If you wish to return us any of the products (for your own reasons) that you have received (within 14 days) and if they are in their original packaging, shipping costs borne solely the customer.

The refunds are made within 30 days after return and receipt of products from us.

In case of payment by credit card, the transaction will be canceled and the credit card will be updated accordingly.

Before returning the product you must contact us at [email protected]

Return Address:


Kato Orini 62100



Product Return Process

At our physical store

You bring us the product to the store and if the return conditions are met, the product is replaced with the same or another product of your choice.

Send a product

As long as there has been a phone in the MedicalCare returns section, that your parcel is damaged or defective or you did not receive it in its original form, you pack and ship the package with the product with one of our partner courier companies at our store with “Consignee Charge” (of MedicalCare).

In the package you will have a note informing us of the problem with the returned product, your contact phone, your order number and the retail receipt, provided the product is eligible for a return. If the package arrives and it proves that the return conditions do not apply, the product will not be accepted as explained above. It will be refunded to the customer and the shipping costs will be borne by him.

If you receive your parcel and the products it contains are damaged or spilled: will replace your parcel by sending us photos at [email protected] with your parcel indicating that the products you selected are damaged or spilled. You will also provide us your details (telecommunications, name and order number). The process should take place 24 hours after your parcel has been shipped.