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Brand: Cami
The New Askir 30 is a portable, handy suction pump with a maximum suction speed of 30 l/min. The suction pump is equipped with a vacuum regulator and vacuum display. The device is supplied with a graduated, autoclavable 1 litre secretion holder and a bacteria filter.  Product detailsNew As..
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Brand: MobiakCare
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Reciprocal Aluminum Folding Walker 09-2-043 VITA.Walking aid for easy movement of the user forward or backward without having to lift the walker off the ground.It closes easily to anywhere.Made of reinforced aluminum with metal support.Excellent stability.Adjustable in height.specificationsHEIGHT AD..
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Brand: Sefam
AUTO CPAP DREAMSTAR - SEFAM CPAP / BiPAP Devices suggested by DreamStar Auto operates in CPAP and Auto-CPAP modes. In its Auto-CPAP mode, DreamStar Auto automatically adjusts the pressure as a function of the severity of the detected respiratory events (apneas, hypopneas, inspiratory flow..
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Stable Aluini Walker 09-1-000 VITA.Stable construction from anodized, reinforced aluminum, light type.It has plastic handles and non-slip footrests.It is stable and safe.Adjustable in height.specificationsHEIGHT ADJUSTABLE:  from 77 to 87cmDIMENSIONS: 48x44x63cmMAXIMUM WEIGHT:  11 0 kgPACK..
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Изсушете косата си по особено екологичен начин - при консумация от само 1400 вата сешоарът осигурява същите резултати като  сешоар с 2000 вата. ECO технология В - консумация 1400 вата с мощност 2000 ватаСензорът за докосване - сешоарът се включва и изключва автоматично при докосване3 топлинни настро..
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